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complain about unprofessional staff!


complain about unprofessional staff!

Last weekend I walked in to the 

AT&T Company Store
2000 E Rio Salado Pkwy
Suite 1026
Tempe , AZ 85281
(480) 557-0053

I want to ask about a prepaid plan, and since my friend said att is good in signal. That's why I choose att. The representitive's name I'll remember forever! JOSE. He is the rudest representative I've ever met. First of all, I already check about the policy about what Im going to buy. The prepaid plan in pay by minute, $0.1/min AND because my friend is also using this exact plan on her iphone 4s. That's why I want to use this plan into my Google nexus. But when I asked Jose, he said this plan can't work on smart phone! That's just curious me, like my friend was using this plan for almost 1 year! And I said I don't want any data plan, I just wanna make call and answer calls like that. He just said no, it won't works on smart phone. Okay, I said then maybe I'll buy this sim card with pay by minute $0.1/min and buy another cheapest go phone in store. OK, he did that. The cheapest phone is $15 not even include the tax. After all the process, the phone start up, sim card activated. Then I put out the sim card right away and put it into my google nexus to see "is it really doesn't work on smart phone?" Amazingly, it WORKS! The sim card with pay by minute this plan works on my smart phone! I don’t know why att have this kind of untrained, unprofessional, rude staff in store? Such a big company with such a lame worker inside. After that I told Jose that I want to return the go phone. Since I don’t need it anymore. He said it can’t, if you wanna return, I gotta pay $35 restocking fee. It’s much more than I pay for the $15 phone. Ah… that’s the policy, I don’t blame that. But if this person help me to set things up with my smart phone at the first time, then it won’t happened end up like this! Pay by minute plan can’t use on smart phones? That’s just B$. I will quit using att when I use all my deposit in it. Also I’ll tell my friends stop using att, at least don’t go to that store again. It’s just ridiculous. I used Tmobile for years had never happened this type of things to me before. But the first time I transfer to att end up like this. That’s enough for me. Good job att!


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Former Employee

Re: complain about unprofessional staff!

Hello, a80718113a!


I'm so sorry to hear you've had such a poor experience. Thank you very much for providing the store information. We will absolutely be following up on this. If there is anything else we can do to help, please let us know by sending us a private message here.


I sincerely hope that your experiences with AT&T going forward are better than what you experienced last weekend. Let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns!



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Re: complain about unprofessional staff!

Since the sim card with pay by minute does work on my smart phone. Do you guys think that it should teach your staff or front line representative who's facing customer directly about this information? And maybe teach them some manner how to treat customer like other carrier company do. It just not only the store staff, I called 1-800-331-0500 the other day just ask for the pay by minute plan about it. THEY also said no way it could use on smart phone! But the truth is that my friend use Iphone 4s using this plan right now, and Im using google nexus right now also compatible to this plan. I already told them my nexus is UNLOCK phone. I knew that there are a lot of phone are lock with some specific carrier. But I already told Jose mine is unlock. He didn’t give it a try about it! Just with his poker face like Im the one owe money to him. Come on! ATT? Even burger king cashier is more polite than you.  And if these representatives know the policy well then I don’t have to pay for a gophone just because I want to use att plan! And if you want this plan, you gotta buy a gophone, and afterwards you transfer the card to your smart phone you’ll find out your representative just B$ about all the thing! It seem like they just want to ripped you off by selling another phone to you cause you want to use their plan! Today I told my coworkers about my experience and they all feel ridicules! Especially the one with iphone 4s in the same plan like me. She told me never go back to that store! Sure I’ll do. And now I got a gophone I never use it, and I can’t even return cause I got to pay more to return! 

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