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changing from family plan to individual plan?


changing from family plan to individual plan?

My husband and I share a family plan but I need to suspend my line. Could he go to an individual plan and just have my line suspended? He has an iphone 4s and I have a galaxy s2. Also what would we be charged if we suspended the line? Would i still be able to get my upgrade after i unsuspend my line? Any input is helpful
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Re: changing from family plan to individual plan?

Hello @kymbo92 ! Thanks for your post.


Are you still planning on suspending your service? If so, you may want to check out the link below for more information. Depending on the reason for suspension, it may be more cost effective to keep the other line on the family plan.


Suspend Your Wireless Service


Let me know if the link helps or if you have any additional questions or concerns!



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Re: changing from family plan to individual plan?

Yes you will be charged for that line. Mainly the data plan, or if you are changing to a Nation Talk you will be billed for that too. If you suspend I suggest you tell them you are going out of the country. They will put you on a Reduce Rate Suspension and its only 10$ per month. This is one of the only cases they will do this.

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Re: changing from family plan to individual plan?

The Reduced Rate Suspension is only allowed for whenever you go out of the country. If you're not going out, I don't recommend lying to your Customer Service Representative. And I can definitely explain or give you reasons why:

1)It only last for 6 Months, after the 6th month, it will automatically Restore your line with a full bill amount.

2)There is only a Limit of 1 per year(every 12 months). Anything exceeding this limit can effect your Upgrade Eligibility, which is why I don't recommend lying to get on the RRST, just in case you may actually have to go out of the country, you know?
3) This does not halt your contract information or end date - which could be a reason it effects your upgrade Eligibility, and only allowed once a year.


What can help you to save? Get a Non-Smartphone to change the technology type of your device, this way, you would not have to worry about an extra data plan charge and pay only $9.99 to have the extra line in the account while it's suspended.


Recommend plan for this situation: Family Talk 550 ($60) , Unlimited Messages for one line($20) , Data Pro 300MB ($20). Approximate total of $100 before taxes.

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