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cannot locate a phone with AT&T FamilyMap anymore


cannot locate a phone with AT&T FamilyMap anymore

I recently bought a new Samsung Focus 2 phone for my spouse after his first Samsung Focus phone broke due to water damage.  I have been using the AT&T FamilyMap for quite some time and never experienced any issues with locating both my phones.  After I purchased and activated the new phone, I have not been able to locate that phone.  I get a message stating "Phone could not be located.  The phone may be off or out of coverage."  The phone is turned on, the location service on the phone is on as well.  I tried removing the phone from the FamilyMap account and adding that phone again.  I have tried restarting both phones and still the problem persists.   I don't know if this problem is related to the old SIM card or what.  Does the SIM card need to be deactivated in order for the new phone to be located?  I contaced AT&T voice support and they updated the new phone's IMEI information on their system.  Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.

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Re: cannot locate a phone with AT&T FamilyMap anymore

Sadly not only I cannot help I also have identical problem.

Have you managed to solve it since?

Thank you

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