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can you port a verizon number into gophone ?


can you port a verizon number into gophone ?

hi, i just came back from an at&t store, and they tried to set up a gophone account.  but i wanted to port my existing verizon number into the gophone plan.  problem is, they could not do it.  they said it was not giving the option to port the number....


my question is, was it just employee incompetence?  or is it true, you can't port a verizon number into gohpone?



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Re: can you port a verizon number into gophone ?

wuerty wrote:

i tried to call the 1800 number and got nothing but automated messages or directed to go talk to someone in the store.  so basically a deadend.


Try calling the number again. You will continue to get automated voice prompts, but ignore them and keep repeating "customer service." You may need to say it three to four times. The system will eventually get confused and transfer you to a live AT&T customer service representative who should be able to help you port your Verizon number over. 

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Re: can you port a verizon number into gophone ?

nope that does not work either. saying 'customer service' repeatedly does nothing but make the automated message say dial 611 on your phone or go get help with someone in the store .  i think these methods suggested are no longer valid means for getting in touch with a human. 


edit:  well finally got ahold of someone by dialing 1-888-333-6651 and pressing 3, then 2.  the guy was helpful in ~tryinging~ to set me up with porting the number and getting a gophone plan.  


however there was a problem.  i gave him the imei # and he said i cannot put that phone on gophone plan.  only option was postpaid w/o a contract.  my phone is a nexus 4, and i know i've read other people having this phone on a gophone plan in the past.  but he looked in his computer and it said it was incompatible with gophone plans.


so back to square 1



edit 2:  finally success!

  i just got back from the store and got everything taken care of. i had bought the nexus from google about a week ago, so i knew everything was ok on that end. the first att store i went to a few days ago left me with a very bad impression. but now it must have been as i had suspected all along:  the people at that store were basically incompetent (either that or lazy) b/c they had no idea how to do anything. this was even a corporate store i had gone to.

but this other store i went to today had much nicer, friendlier, helpful people. it was like night and day. they were able to port my number and also set up the account. the lady at this other store did check the imei number, and told me before finalizing everything that my phone would not have data access, but i went ahead anyway b/c i knew better. i figure it must be a disclaimer that they give to people using the nexus phones. so after everything got set up i tested it out, and everything worked like it should. i did a quick reboot and i didn't have to do anything with apn setting either, it was automatically setup.



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Re: can you port a verizon number into gophone ?

Whew! Glad to hear that you finally got your phone working on a GoPhone plan, while still being able to keep the same phone number!

Hope it wasn't too difficult for you. It should have been a much simpler process, but that's life, right? Smiley Tongue

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Re: can you port a verizon number into gophone ?

I know I'm a few months late on this but I was in a similar situation.

In 2008 I had an alltel prepaid phone and plan.  I went to an AT&T store to get a GoPhone plan.  They were not able to port my number from alltel and they gave me a new number.  Later that night, I went on AT&T's website and chatted with AT&T and they were able to port my number.

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