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bad experience with AT&T customer service


bad experience with AT&T customer service

I work for Target Mobile in Austin, TX  and today I had a bad experience with AT&T customer service. I convinced an older gentleman to tryout a contract phone, he was using Virgin mobile and was in the store topping up. Our system allows us to run credit on Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon at the same time. He came back with a deposit for Sprint and Verizon. With AT&T I got a message that read "Customer already has an account, please use the existing service tab to process an order". This message only displays on our system obviously when some already has an account with one of the carriers so the system is prompting me to add a line.


The customer said he has never had AT&T, first thing that comes to my mind is someone as stolen this poor mans identity. Me being the nice guy I am and offer world class guest service. I contact the fraud department (1-800-844-5584). I had the customer explain the situation to the service agent. The customer was having a bit of a hard time explaining and understanding so the agent asked to speak with me. I explained to the agent what is going on and that we are trying to find out if someone else has an account open in his name. The agent immediately starts talking to me with an attitude. I continued talking in my professional voice being nice to possibly have it rub off on her, but that didn't help at all. She told me straight out we are not approving this application you are running for 10 lines and I explained to her I only ran the credit for 1 line. She starts ranting at me like I'm lying to her. So I explained to her again we are only trying to find out if some one has opened in account in the gentleman's name. She refused to answer any more questions and just continued to say, "we are not approving him have a good day," over and over again in an angry manor. I felt like i was talking to a little kid. I stopped for a second and asked her for her agent ID and name and she said flat out, "NO" , and I said to her in a manor surprised manor, "you're not giving me your Agent ID or name," and she said again, "NO," in an angrier voice. So I asked to speak with her supervisor and the word NO just kept poring out of her mouth till she hung up on me.


The customer standing next to me heard it all his jaw dropped and he said, "did that really just happen." How a company stays in business with customer service like that is amazing. I'm 100% sure that gentleman is going to tell his friends and family about that experience. That is business lost and all we were trying to find out was if some one had stolen his identity. I got the issue resolved by calling my AT&T Indirect Agent, he was in shock at the story I told home. I have been doing this for over six years and I wish I can tell you that is the first time that has ever happened but its not. I have had  another agent in the past refusing to give me their Agent ID or name and refuse to let me speak to a manager, after bad service. Something needs to be done on a national level. I wish there was a way to let the managers know this is going on in their call centers. It took so much not to lose my cool in front of the customer.

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Re: bad experience with AT&T customer service

WOW...that is NOT good!! All I can suggest to you is.. you can send a Private Message to ATTDmitriyCM...he's the Community Manager on the forums. He may possibly be able to route your frustrations to the correct department. 



     we live & learn~

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