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Just received a $10 e-Gift from Starbucks for being a loyal ATT customer and am having problems redeeming it. I have entered the code at least 12 times. They are supposed to send you an email voucher. I have checked my spam and it is not there. Any suggestions?

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I am not on twitter so as far as I'm concerned this is a scam!!! Shame on you you should appreciate your customers better.Shame!
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I recieved a notice to redeem a coupon for Starbucks. What gives?

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If you're still having trouble, contact Jam, the author of that post.

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 I too have had trouble. I have spoken to many ATT employees None have helped. All I got was the runaround and very misleading info. Is is like a slap in the face. What a way to say they appreciate my business. i do own a company and would never tolerate this kind of treatment to my valued customers. ATT is letting all their valued customers know exactly howmuch they are appreciated.

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Re: e-Gift

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