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Z431 Text Date and Time Error


Z431 Text Date and Time Error

Hi, I have a AT&T Z431 GoPhone and i'm having some trouble on the text conversations.

Whenever I receive a text it appears as if it was sent an hour earlier than what it actually was sent, example, someone replied to me at 10:04pm, the phone says it was at 9:04pm.

It sounds like a silly thing but after a while I have to scroll up for a long while to reach new messages, and it gets annoying.


Sender: Text1
Sender: Text3
Sender: Text5
Me: Text2
Me: Text4
Me: Text6

^ That's what it looks like. You can imagine how annoyingly painful it gets when i'm on "Text64"

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Re: Z431 Text Date and Time Error

Hello @babbolozada ! Welcome to the forums!


I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with your phone. Have you tried any basic troubleshooting? If not, click the link below. It will redirect you to the troubleshooting page for the Z431. With any luck, this will help you fix your texting lag.


Troubleshooting Z431


Let us know if this helps!



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