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Z 30 Preorder


Z 30 Preorder

When will the Z30 be available for pre-order?

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Re: Z 30 Preorder

saxxman wrote:

This is getting more pathetic with each day! NO UPDATES AND NO Z30???


If I didn't live in the sticks, I would be on T-Mobile in a heartbeat!!!

Why?  T-Mobile doesn't carry the Z30 either.

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Re: Z 30 Preorder

T-Mobile for rates, but have been looking at Verizon too.

At least you can find the correct Z30 model for T-Mobile...

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Re: Z 30 Preorder

So I was just told, on Sunday, that the Z30 will not be available on AT&T until November 2014.


Outta here!!!

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Re: Z 30 Preorder

You were told this by whom?

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Re: Z 30 Preorder



Thnaks for sharing that you are using a Z30 from a Canadian carrier.  I am curious as to what the original carrier was for the Z30.  I see that Rogers has a Z30 and the frequencies seem to match that of AT&T so I am wondeirng if that Z30 will work on the AT&T network since AT&T seems to be dragging their *$$ getting the Z30.


Thanks in advance Smiley Happy

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Re: Z 30 Preorder

It is exciting to watch the development of the new Blackberry products, the Z30 being the first of many, but you really should not expect to see them offered by AT&T; the fact that Blackberry consented to make the Z30 agreement with Verizon validates this assertion. 

If you are bound to AT&T, you really just need to be content with what you have unless you want to, and have the ability, utilize offerings from other carriers on your AT&T system.  Any thing else is just wasted energy. 

Do not expect AT&T to ever offer real support to the Blackberry line or the Blackberry user.  AT&T has clearly demonstrated their intentions; the real reason is probably buried deep in some obscure ledger or backdoor agreement.  Just be happy that AT&T offers you anything Blackberry.

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