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Worst Customer Service Ever


Worst Customer Service Ever

Dont ever get into a situation where you make a payment and because of bank holds a payment doesnt process.  The company will NOT assist you.  Their communication and information channels for which they boast are unreliable and at BEST inconsistent.  Yet they advertise they are the most reliable network.  That simply isnt true. They will quote policy and use suspended service as a way to leverage you.  On a thirty day payment in arrears.  I have been a customer going on 4 years and the company was not only willing to not help but they cited policy that prohibits them from helping.  A supervisor wont help either.  I am appaled, disgusted and shocked at how much this company does not value its customers and how often the sytem fails.  Nor are they willing to show in writing what they have done or justify their behavior. They lie consistently and one department doesnt know what the other is doing.  When a customer is in a difficult situation they will not do anything to work with you to get it resolved. Run, dont walk from this company that will take advantage of you at a drop of a dime.  Whatever you do, do NOT sign a contract with them.  It is how they take full advantage.  Whatever you do NEVER sign up the same day.  Take the contract home and read the fine print and highlight any and all questions you have and get the response in writing for which they will refuse to do, BEFORE giving them a penny of your money or you will eventually be very sorry you did.

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Re: Worst Customer Service Ever

Att is usually pretty good with payment plans especially if you talk to them before a payment gets too far behind. How long did the bank hold the payment?
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Re: Worst Customer Service Ever

You can send a Private Message  to ATTCustomerCare right here on this forum. They have been very helpful getting issues resolved and are different than who you would encounter over the phone. 

Please include a brief description of the issue you are having, your name, email address, phone number, and the best time to be reached. Please allow up to 2-3 BUSINESS DAYS for a Representative to contact you. You can expect a reply via return PM between the hours of 7am-10pm CST.



     we live & learn~

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