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Re: Wireless call block

Wow, to have a number that long makes it practically part of the family. That would make it hard for me too, to decide to give it up for a new number or hold onto it and put up with the stalker.


But i would rather get a free number change due to harrasments rather than pay for a block service because of one 'slimeball'.

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Re: Wireless call block

I don't see how this answer is marked as a "solution".  It says, "hey.. this is just too hard, so At&t can't do it."  Really !?! A multi-national, multi-trillion dollar, century old company like Atlantic Telephone & Telegraph can't come up with an easy way for a user to block a number to a wireless account without charging another 4.99/mo ?  I find that to be the worst cop-out excuse ever; not a solution. 


I have been getting harassed by 360-***-****.  A simple Google search of this number shows thousands of people just like me.  Also, just like me many of them have been on the DNC list for years, and actively check it each quarter.  Funny thing is, I got At&t after leaving years ago because they were the sole carrier on the iPhone and I need the functionality that Android is just now catching up to.  Now, Verizon is on the iPhone and guess what - they block numbers for FREE.  Way to go At&t; way to alienate even more customers.  I am an IT professional, and have worked with soft-switches, main-line dialers, and loads of other technical devices that can and do this job for government, and private sector users at no additional cost.  The wireless call block is not only easy, but mandatory at certain installations.  So, I guess, it's time to wait once again for my contract expire and go to a competitor who can (gasp) actually do what At&t calls impossible.


Maybe, I'm crazy, but I thought "the customer is always right" was how Ma-Bell got big enough to conglomerate.  Guess they have so many willing zombies (of which I am now reluctantly one until my contract expires) that they don't have to care anymore.


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Re: Wireless call block

If you have an HTC device running Sense it has a call block feature built-in. 


Obviously this is a worthless solution if you have any other type of phone, but at least it is free. Smiley Happy

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Re: Wireless call block

It's ridiculous that they don't have that feature on our phones without paying another fee!  I just talked to ATT and we already spend about $600 a month on Wireless and Uverse and landlines and I can't block a call that comes in every hour from a company in Oregon that has no name and every time I call back and say "#1" for "do not call me" they keep coming!  I'm on every do not call list and this number has no name with it.

At least with ATT having that feature (WITHOUT PAYING EVEN MORE FOR IT!!!)I could block that number today.  And the next number they try the next time!

I'm so angry with them right now for asking me for yet more money to stop someone from harrassing me with marketing calls despite being on every do not call list there is!  I've had this number for several years---why would I change it to just another number someone else will find???

This is a huge customer service issue and I believe ATT should be responsive to it.  They know it's not right.

Shame on you ATT.

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Re: Wireless call block

If you are on the do not call list then you need to go back to that site and let them know of the number that is calling you
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Re: Wireless call block

I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to post your comments and opinions related to this topic. This topic has been thoroughly discussed and will now be closed, as it is very old. 

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