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Why was my order canceled? Upgrading to AT&T NEXT has been a disaster!


Why was my order canceled? Upgrading to AT&T NEXT has been a disaster!

On March 17th, 2014, I placed an order for an HTC One. My iPhone4 freezes for about a minute every 30 seconds. I didn't want to keep paying for a phone that I couldn't even use. I decided to upgrade to the ATTNext, that way I could get a phone that works! I went into the store and talked to the represenative about it, and he gave me a lot of information (also adding that the iPhones have been freezing a lot since iOS7 came out. He understood my problem and was very friendly.) I paid the $40 dollars down for my new HTC One 64GB Black and began with the waiting game. The represenative warned me that it would be a while because it was in high demand. 


I've been waiting paitently for the email (or call) that it had arrived at the store. I decided to check on it toady (April 21st) and it was canceled! Do I have to reorder? Do I get that $40 dollars back?


I loaded up the website to change the plan and get rid of the insurance that I added to my plan for my HTC One. It won't let me do it because it keeps saying that I have an upgrade pending. The upgrade is set to begin on May 5th. Even if I were to order a new one right now, it certainly wouldn't be here by the 5th of May.


It's also stating that I am not elligable for an upgrade due to an unpaid bill? I've always paid my bill. I have the confirmation emails saved in a folder to prove it! I know I paid all of my bills. I, also, don't believe it was a credit issue. I have good credit! My bill is due on the 26th of every month. 

Here's a picture to prove it:


[removed image with unique confirmation numbers]


My biggest concern is that I will be paying for a phone that I don't even have. The smaller concern is my $40 dollars. I'm also curious as to why my order was canceled. It had been "in progress" last week when I checked on it. 


I have always loved AT&T and spoke highly of them. This is the first time I've had problems with them since I first got a GoPhone with them when I was 18. I just feel screwed over. It makes me want to terminate my contract and go with another company. *sigh*


When I looked A WEEK AGO:



What it says now:

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Re: Why was my order canceled? Upgrading to AT&T NEXT has been a disaster!

This is a community forum where other AT&T customers assist other AT&T customers.
My speculation is that they suspected fraud and cancelled it.

For this type of situation and the kind of questions that you're asking, I'd highly recommend for you to go into an AT&T corporate store, or call into AT&T (800-331-0500) or 611 from your wireless phone.
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