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Why the run around?


Why the run around?

i ordered 2 "Note 2" on the first. The shipping dates were the 5-7th, okay, its now the 17th and i still have nothing, still just "preparing to ship". i didnt even get an email saying they were backordered. i had to call to find that out. the Reps wont/cant tell me if anyones phone is shipped. nothing. thats the anwsers i get, NOTHING, I would understand if the Phones were brand new, but there 2 years old. am i the only one waiting on my phones? ive called almost daily requesting any kind of inventory update, but ikeep getting the same song and dance, they dont know when they will be in stock? WTC, im not here to rant and rave, i just want to know if anyone has ordered from that promotion and getting their phones, i cant be the only one, right?

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Re: Why the run around?

I ordered mine on the 2nd and am still waiting as well. I had to order mine through a customer service representative via chat, and they told me I could be waiting for a month. I was surprised when I got the same shipping dates (3/5-7) so I ended up calling to check on the status of my phone order after those dates had passed just to be sure since it still (and even now) said "Preparing to Ship." My order status never officially said backordered, but the CSR I spoke to on the phone confirmed it, so I've just had to be patient.


From what I gather, they're waiting on Samsung to deliver. I just hope that it arrives by the end of the month - hard to fault AT&T, but I'm sure they're (pre)selling a lot of Note 2 phones and I will be furious if I don't get one.

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Re: Why the run around?

I received my tracking info today! Shipping via UPS. Hope you get yours soon too.

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Re: Why the run around?

Yes, I got my shipping info today, supposed to be here Monday. Just hate to say goodbye to the SIII. happy day
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