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Why should I Reduce my Data Plan to get Get A Hot Spot?


Why should I Reduce my Data Plan to get Get A Hot Spot?

I have been grandfathered into the Unlimitd Data Plan which I enjoy not paying too much and not having to worry when my little guy watches his Thomas the Train on the phone. What I don't understand is when I have asked if I can set up my phone as a hot spot I have been told I would have to reduce to 5GB plan or a family share plan. 

Hold on I said. I have to loose unlimited and worry about going over when using my phone as a Hot Spot. Hold on again I said. When I signed up there was no option for Hot Spot, now that there is I am being penalized for having a good plan that would help me benieft from being able to use it as a hot spot for my work iPad. Something isn't right here. I am penalized becuase they did not think forward and now I am being asked to go backwards.

I spoke with a couple of people over at AT&T about this and got the same response, they are sorry they understand my frustration and they can't do anything. BUT I can push forward to the corporate. 


I hope other people are having this issue and will be willing to step up with me and say, I don't want to decrease my unlimited plan to get a service that I logically should be reciving because I have more than 5GB plan.

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Re: Why should I Reduce my Data Plan to get Get A Hot Spot?

Not sure if you've seen this thread or not....this may answer your question...


Tethering is not allowed on Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans...



     we live & learn~

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Re: Why should I Reduce my Data Plan to get Get A Hot Spot?

Tethering has never been allowed on the unlimited plan. It was always an add-on which if I remember correctly, was somewhere around $70/month.


Also consider that if you were able to tether on the unlimited plan, how soon would you hit the throttling limit of 3GB (non-LTE) or 5GB (LTE)?


An option you might want to think about is a MiFi device. Yes, it's an additional charge, but you can tether multiple devices and not tap into your phone's data.

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Re: Why should I Reduce my Data Plan to get Get A Hot Spot?

I understand your frustration. I have the unlimited plan also and would love to be able to use hotspot but it is not going to happen. As others have pointed out, hotspot is just a wifi version of tethering which was never a feature of the unlimited plan. Once a plan is discontinued, they simply don't make changes to it and adding tethering/hotspot would be a change.


I once had an 850 minute family plan but that plan only allowed 4 lines. When I wanted to add a 5th line, I had to change to a current plan which was 700 minutes (same price as the old 850 minute plan, though). Bottom line, once a plan is discontinued, they will allow you to keep using it but they won't make changes to it.

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