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Why did I get charged an early cancellation fee?


Why did I get charged an early cancellation fee?

So, in July and August I fell behind in payments but paid off all past due balances on the last day of August to where my account was given $20 credit because I paid at a Kiosk in the store. I verified with a Sales rep in the store if it meant I didn't have to pay anything or if I still had a balance due because I was going out of Island and didn't want any problems with my phone shutting off.

She verified that my account would be good until the ending of September and that there was no need for her to bring up my information on the computer because the Kiosk signs me in to my account and it would be the same as if she brought it up. I took her word for it because obviously she knew more than what I did.

I left town and 5 days later my phone shuts off... Because, I didn't know what was going on at the time I decided to go in and pay whatever needed to be paid to reactivate my phone; I got charged $300.51 I didn't think anything strange of it until couple days ago when I went in to the Kapolei At&t store in Hawaii to check what the balance was... It is now $567.51 behind.

I got in contact with customer service and not only did they deliberately hang up on me TWICE but they claimed that the balance was due to past due balances and an early termination fee. They went ahead and cancelled out my entire account 20 days after charging me this ridiculous amount. I asked a family friend who used to work for At&t and she said I shouldn't get charged an early termination fee unless I request to end my contract.

I'm very disappointed in my service because I really like this company but if I don't get straight answers as to WHY I should pay a fee I didn't request for and why my account got charged an extra $200+ afterwards, Then I will be forced to look for a different phone company. 

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Re: Why did I get charged an early cancellation fee?

Welcome Bria07, and thank you for posting!


I'm sorry you're having some billing issues with AT&T. Just to clarify, if the account is canceled within its 2 year contract, either by requests, port out or non-payment, an Early Termination Fee is charged per you wireless service agreement, as well as the final bill and any pending charges. We have a team of awesome social medial specialists and one of them will be happy to review your account and help with anything we can. Please send us a private message by clicking here, include your full name, phone number and the best time you can be reached.


Please let me know if you have any questions,


Thanks again,


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