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Why Doesnt AT&T Support UMA / Wifi Calling?


Why Doesnt AT&T Support UMA / Wifi Calling?

My new employer is going to give me a AT&T iPhone but I dont want it. My current phone is an HTC Sensation on T-mobile. Apart from the move to iOS from Android, a much bigger issue is coverage - I use the T-mobile UMA access all the time - it's called 'Wifi Calling' and as a result get perfect coverage when at work, home, or anywhere else where I'm connected to a wifi network. I really dont want to go back to the days when I had to leave my house and cross the street to get 2 bars of AT&T. Looks like I'll be keeping my Sensation and paying the bill and declining a free iPhone and service.


If AT&T allowed calling via UMA, T-mobile would have a lot of problems keeping their market share. Wifi Calling is their major discriminator in this market. AT&T apparently thinks I should sepnd $150 on a 'femtocell' for my home, and another wherever I also want to use my new phone despite their lack of coverage. Yeah, right! To be fair, no carrier can defy the laws of physics and provide a good signal everywhere. But there is a solution, and only one carrier has adopted it.


Skype and all those other VOIP apps require separate numebrs and plans. Not ideal.


After some googling it seems that UMA requires the phone hardware and firmware to be different. Well, so what? It's available, it works, and all they have to do is order phones that support it.


Can anyone help me out of my dilemma here? Is AT&T going to see the light anytime soon? Are there any other solutions apart form Skype and costly Femtocells that will allow me to get by with a free iPhone using AT&T?



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Re: Why Doesnt AT&T Support UMA / Wifi Calling?

They won't, it's not profitable for them.
My solution is to forward my Google voice number to my ATT cell, and install GrooveIP for wifi calling via my Android phone. Then I just give out my Google Voice number. This way when I'm in Wifi I make and receive calls free, and when I'm not in Wifi the calls come to my cell.
I wonder if there is a similar app for iOS.
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Re: Why Doesnt AT&T Support UMA / Wifi Calling?

Another hated company... Xfinity, if you have a home phone with them. They have the wonderful Xfinity-connect app, which allows you to receive texts, receive and make phone calls, even while abroad... as long as you have a wifi connection.(or 3,4g)
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