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Where is the LTE ????

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Where is the LTE ????

I know Wheeling is a small city but I have seen a lot of smaller towns and not this small city get LTE in the last two years and I have been going into our local AT&T stores for the same length of time and inquiring when will this happen and when I asked two years ago they told me it would be by the end of the year. Well that year has passed as well another year and I look at all the news and announcements of new places that LTE will be coming to and nothing in Wheeling has been announced.But you go 25 mins east and its everywhere. I just want a clear answer when are we getting it here. Verizon has had it for a good while, but I don't want to jump back to them because of a bad experience I had with them 8 yrs ago but why is it taking so long for AT&T to turn it on here in Wheeling,WV. This area is booming in the gas industry many people are coming here but the people who make there home here like me who has been a faithful customer to AT&T for almost 9yrs would like to get a straight answer and timeline for when we are getting LTE ???? Please let us know because not just I wants to know I know many many faithful AT&T customers who want to know as well , thank you for your time and a prompt and straightforward answer !
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Re: Where is the LTE ????

Hello SD69,


I'm very sorry that LTE expansion in your area is taking so long. I completely understand your frustration and want to thank you for your patience. AT&T's top priority is delivering the best network to as many customers as possible. We don't have an exact date, but given the proximity of the other LTE areas, the wait shouldn't be much longer.


You can also download and install our free Mark the Spot app to let AT&T know where network improvements are needed.


Learn more about it here: Report dropped calls and wireless network issues.




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