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When is first months bill due when I sign up


When is first months bill due when I sign up

I'm a little confused on this. So I have my own phone samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket I want to use as a go phone. I was told by a rep on the phone that when you sign up for a plan for the go phone service you only pay for the phone up front, pick your plan, and then you'll pay for your plan cost the following month. Is this correct or in my case since I already have a phone to use would I pay for the plan up front when I signup. Would I pay the 50$ to start the plan or is that cost waived the first month. A rep told me it was waived and I only pay for the phone with no cost to sing up but it sounded sketchy to me. I don't wanna go to the AT&T store and they say I have to pay for something an I'm caught off guard
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Re: When is first months bill due when I sign up

 You can get a sim card free if you sign up for a go phone plan in any att store. They're going to activate the sim and  let you choose a plan. If you're going for the $50 monthly rate plan, you need to put a minimum of $50 on your account to start your plan. It would automatically renew by itself after 30 days providing you have sufficient amount of money in your account to fund your monthly rate plan. If it is below $50 , your monthly rate plan would not renew and you would not be able to make/receive call or text

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Re: When is first months bill due when I sign up

LG_21 pretty much hit the nail on the head.

The $50 fee for the first month would not be waived. You would still have to add $50 to get the service started.

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