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What kind of AT&T antennas are these?


What kind of AT&T antennas are these?

Hello everyone... I noticed that AT&T recently aquired a 700mhz license for 710-716 and I think 738-742 in my area. They've done a ton of LTE work in surrounding counties, but I'm still on 4G HSPA +. I also noticed that these (see picture) are on a building in the area. Are these LTE antennas waiting to be activated? I used field test mode to find I was essentially on top of a tower. (-62) cell strength. Thanks for your help! 


Link to picture...

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Re: What kind of AT&T antennas are these?

Hello, Applegeek97!


Thanks for your post. If you want to know if you're in an LTE are, you can use the link below to see our Network Coverage Viewer. You can select "Data" to view LTE availability.


Network Coverage Viewer


As for determining when a particular tower might be activated, we wouldn't have any information at this time about the towers in your area.


Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!



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