What is so "Premier" about Premier???


What is so "Premier" about Premier???

It is very frustrating as a small business owner to do business with AT&T.  


As a premier customer we get everything anti-premier:


  • No customer service after hours or on weekends.   Do you really think businesses do not operate on weekends?   What about when there is business travel?   Is that only M-F from 7-10?

  • Why can't we take advantage of all of the offers that consumers have yet they don't have a "premier" account.   Many times there are discounts that "premier" customers cannot take advantage of.   Why?

  • When new phones are introduced, why are "premier" customers not allowed to get those phones until the "non-premier" customers have settled?   Sometimes it can be months before new phones are available to us "premier" customers?

  • Why can't "premier" customers purchase phones in locations other than AT&T stores and online?   Even when we can go into AT&T stores often times we have to go to specific stores because some do not handle business accounts.







     Frustrated and looking for alternatives

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Re: What is so "Premier" about Premier???

The discount on monthly service costs is the benefit of the Premier program.

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