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What happened to the other cell phone forums?


What happened to the other cell phone forums?

I was just looking for the Samsung forum and I can't seem to find it.  Did AT&T remove that forum from the online community or am I just not seeing them?  Also, where are the other brands of cell phone forums for Sony Ericsson, Motorola, etc.?

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Re: What happened to the other cell phone forums?

Unfortunately they have chosen to consolidate all of the manufacturers into the "General Wireless Discussion" board, so you would need to visit it and do a "search" for the manufacturer you are interested in. Smiley Sad


You will find manufacturer/device related information in the various operating system discussion boards for devices using those particular operating systems.  But for all of the "other" device discussion (w/ manufacturer proprietary o/s or o/s not included in at&t's o/s boards), you'll need to look in the "General Wireless Discussion" board.  Really muddies the waters and makes the forums far less functional for users in my opinion [as menu layout, features and functionality tend to be fairly consistent through the manufacturer's line of products in my (primarily Nokia) experience].

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Re: What happened to the other cell phone forums?

Thank you for the information.  Sad to see that they decided to consolidate all of that.  I liked the way that the forum was before when you had separate manufacturer forums.  It made it easier, I think.

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Re: What happened to the other cell phone forums?

I appreciate the feedback about the consolidation crkczkcrk. It is a big change and we spent a lot of time discussion and researching the most effective organization overall. 


Nothing is ever set in stone though so your feedback (and hme38's) is valuable. We're always looking for ways to make things more efficient for everyone. Smiley Happy


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Re: What happened to the other cell phone forums?

I am curious about the number of posts since the change compared to the number before. Just as a measure of usage with the new format.
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Re: What happened to the other cell phone forums?

It may be that the Nokia E series sometimes suffers from Jan Brady syndrome, as it gets overshadowed by a flashier member of its family--the Nokia N series (aka Marcia Brady). But the E series is just as bright and deserves some recognition too. Traditionally, the E series devices have been very corporate-centric and serious in design, but now Nokia is updating the line with the introduction of the Nokia E66 and Nokia E71, bringing with them a modernized look and a fresh set of e71 smartphone

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Re: What happened to the other cell phone forums?

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