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What are YOU thankful for?

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What are YOU thankful for?

Well, folks, as much as I’ve tried to deny it, the holidays are upon us. It’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of decorating and shopping, so I thought it might be nice to remember what we’re thankful for this season!


I, for one, am thankful for my family, and I’m so excited that my grandparents will be visiting all the way from Venezuela. We don’t get to see them too often, so it will be a real treat to have them here for the holidays. They both love to cook, so they will likely fill my freezer to capacity with “arepas,” “hallacas,” and other Venezuelan yummies. It’s hard to watch them getting older, so every opportunity we have with them is that much more important.


On a more frivolous note, I’m also thankful for 50 glorious years of Doctor Who. Day of the Doctor on Saturday, anyone??? Even though I’ll be missing out on the simulcast on BBCAmerica on the 23rd (channel 122 or 1122 for the U-verse gang), I’ll be going to see it in theatres with my friend on Monday. So no spoilers!  I may or may not have bought an entire Doctor Who outfit for the occasion.




What are you thankful for?

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Re: What are YOU thankful for?

I'm thankful for great (so far) Hockey season! Since we didn't have it last year around this time, Lets go Pittsburgh Penguins!

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Re: What are YOU thankful for?

Also a DR. WHO fan!

I am thankful for more things than I can lists and so far my family's health as well as my friend's are all in check ,life is good and may GOD bless you all.

I am truly blessed to be in this time frame with all the wonderful tech which apparently I am addicted lol.

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Re: What are YOU thankful for?

Oh, yay!!! It's always nice to find a fellow Whovian. I'm so excited about going to see it in theatres tonight. Have you seen it yet?

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Re: What are YOU thankful for?

I am a Dr Who fan too. Am waiting for the latest "Doctors Revisited" DVD to come out. I pre-ordered it on Amazon.


I am thankful that my mother and I have lived to share another year together. I almost lost her in January. So this whole year has been a blessing.


Life is so precious.

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Re: What are YOU thankful for?

I live in the UK so we don't get to be thankful at all on Thanksgiving day Smiley Wink
But still nice to know a lot of you watch DW I watched it on Saturday on BBC one
I was abit annoyed as they didn't show Atlantis cos of it lol still interested to see this
Xmas what will become of Matt Smith Smiley Wink
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Re: What are YOU thankful for?

I am thankful for the new house I moved into a couple of months ago and for my family. :-)



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Re: What are YOU thankful for?

@Kerry78 , the new Doctor has some very big shoes to fill. I'm going to be so sad to see Matt Smith go!!!


calli.crk.kucz, congrats on the new house!!! We bought our first house a year ago, and still feel like total home ownership newbies. We wasted no time in painting it all kinds of crazy colors, though. Can you say "yellow chevrons?" It's a little wild-looking, but it's OURS. Enjoy your new house this holiday season!

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Re: What are YOU thankful for?

With every doctor who takes the role
They offer something different,

I used to think David Tenant was pretty
Odd but he did the role well.

Matt is prob just abit to quirky but he also
Played the role nicely to

I've never heard of the next doctor so be intresting to see what his character is like Smiley Wink
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Re: What are YOU thankful for?

I have to admit that David Tennant was my favorite, even though Eccleston will always be my first Doctor. And Matt Smith grew on me! At first, I wasn't his biggest fan, because my loyalty was to David Tennant. But he did grow on me.


I saw the cutest newborn photo shoot recently. The baby was wrapped in the 4th Doctor's scarf, clutching a sonic screwdriver, with a plush Tardis in the background. Epic parenting WIN, in my opinion. Smiley Very Happy

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