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Weird water damage


Weird water damage

So I walked into the river with my jailbroken iphone 5. The screen cut off and it didn't respond. I took it apart and let it sit in rice. Now I had another iphone 5 without and LCD because I had cracked it and went and bought the current one that I walked in the river with. I took that LCD and put it on the one I had before. The screen at first had lines going through it and was unresponsive. I let it sit another day in the water and the LCD has no signs of water damage. But the other part containing the mother board and all is being very weird. Without the screen connected, it turns on, the vibrate works fine, and even when I plug it into iTunes, it registers with all my apps, music and everything. But once I connect the screen it immediately cuts off and starts to go into an endless reboot and doesn't get pass the apple logo. And the infrared dot is lit up. I don't understand seeing as it works fine without the screen, and the screen works fine with my other iphone assembly. Can anyone explain this?
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Re: Weird water damage

You may want to try and see if they can provide some insight to iPhone repairs for do it your selfers.




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