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Ways for AT&T to improve Windows Phone Updates


Ways for AT&T to improve Windows Phone Updates

I know that many of you, like myself, are waiting for the Nokia amber update for Nokia phones on AT&T's network. On my blog, I put up a post with some suggestions on how AT&T can improve the update process for Windows Phone (and possibly avoid all the headaches associated with this update in the future). I eventually want to pass it on to someone high up at AT&T


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Re: Ways for AT&T to improve Windows Phone Updates

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Thank you Catholic Tech Geek.
My comment: Excellent, reasonable suggestions, none of which AT&T will adopt. I just don't think they have any vested interest/financial incentive to improve their customer service to Windows Phone users. We're too small of a user base.
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Re: Ways for AT&T to improve Windows Phone Updates

Hello, Steven855!


We would love to hear your suggestions. It would be easiest if you simply post them here in the thread instead of linking to your blog. This way, your post will not violate any guidelines.


Let me know if this works!



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Re: Ways for AT&T to improve Windows Phone Updates

The most simple solution is to just leave the update as it is and not add or take anything away.
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Re: Ways for AT&T to improve Windows Phone Updates



Transparency – it’s that simple. If ATT decided to hold back an update, tell us what problems ATT is fixing, has identified or working with Manufactures to correct.


We (The Customers) would rank ATT with higher customer service ratings if we truly knew that ATT is looking out for our phone investments.  


When there is little to no customer interaction, ATT makes customers mad, and the customer satisfaction rating plummet.


Please understand, customers are not here for your wireless services, (especially since there are other carries with better monthly deals). We are here First- to purchase phones / hardware that we want to use and Second- to possibly use your wireless services.


Roll out updates with transparency and urgency. Only then will ATT will be number one in the market against big red.

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Re: Ways for AT&T to improve Windows Phone Updates

Communication - ATT needs to do a better job of setting expectations for it's customers using the channels normally targeted for end user communications, i.e. press release/statement.  While it is nice to hear from moderators on this forum, that is not the official word from the company and no one in the media considers it as such.  Failure to take a stance signals indecision and/or lack of priority.


Proactive - You need to get in front of a situation rather than letting it drive you.  The GDR2/Amber upgrade process was a great example of lettting the situation unfold without management direction/involvement.  Failure to lead on this sends the message that you don't care and helps to increase negative user sentiment.


Timeliness - You made the press (negatively) during the 7.8 upgrades and there are still reports from original Windows Phone users that have never received it.  The current WinPhone 8 upgrade was horribly late.  Do you really want to write off this market niche which admittedly is small now but steadily growing?  I don't have to be first in line for updates but it would be great not to be last by a huge margin.


Removing/Hiding Features - It's your network but do you really want to tick off customers by removing features from the handsets that are important to them?  I personally don't care about the Data Sense that you've removed from Nokia's software update but that's not the case with a lot of other customers.  This feature also interacts with other phone functions, at least it does on other carrier networks.


I have to tell you that, based on this WinPhone 8 upgrade cycle and final product, I am starting to wonder if a Nexus or IOS type of device would better serve my purpose?  Something where the handset manufacturer and I are in control of how my device functions and not the network provider.  I can't be the only one considering this.

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