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Waste of Time


Waste of Time

After reading several posts it appears that posting in this forum is a waste of time. Guess I will have to pay the early termination fee and find a service that cares about the concerns of it's customers. If there is one out there. 

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Re: Waste of Time

I agree. I just had a service agent cancel our chat session before I could print out a copy of our chat because he apparently did not like the fact I did not want to pay $200.00 for their 3G MicroCell tower because they made changes to their towers that put me into a moderate coverage area(I have had AT&T for over 10 years and have never seen this map before.) This is for service in a major Metropolitan area that worked previously and I also use the phone in a rural area that has excellent service. I guess they don't get the fact that there are other providers out there and they don't seem to want to keep Loyal customers.

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