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WP7.8 for Samsung Focus


WP7.8 for Samsung Focus

Will we ever see the WP7.8 update for the original Samsung Focus? Rodgers in Canada has released it ages ago so why is ATT still refusing to release it?


I am getting a new WP8 device, but I would still like to have the update for my old Focus which still works very well and will continue to be used by a relative once my 1020 arrives, but I am really angry at ATT for constantly blocking Microsoft updates, even though they are one of their key partners in the US.



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Re: WP7.8 for Samsung Focus

AT&T is unfortunatly not going to update it.  It's a shame because it was a great phone, and it'd be great if they'd actually keep pushing updates out for it...


There is a program called seven-eighter that will update your phone.  if you'd like I might be able to find the link back for you.  It's pretty easy.

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