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WEA on iphone 4


WEA on iphone 4

After ATT pushed 14.2 to my phone, the government alerts section disappeared from my iphone 4. I have not received any weather alerts for my area since. ATT's website does not list the iphone 4 as a compatible device for wea. Obviously it's compatible because I did receive alerts for a couple of days before the change. So what gives?

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Re: WEA on iphone 4

While I don't have any official information about this issue, my guess is that there might have been some issues cased by the alerts on the iPhone 4, possibly a battery drain issue or service reliability, so they made a decision to remove them. Those are only my guesses. If you're interested specifically in Weather alerts, many weather apps can push an alert notification on your device. Also there are many free services out there that can email or text you alerts, you can find out more about them here:


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