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Voicemail Notification Problems


Voicemail Notification Problems

On July 4th my wife’s phone, a Pantech Breeze, began to have problems with voicemail. The first sign was when the voicemail notification icon on the home screen no longer connected to the voicemail number. After 4th of July weekend, she took her phone to the local AT&T store, however they were unable to fix it. She asked me to help her so I contacted AT&T technical support through this forum. Shortly after posting the problem I was contacted by a member of the AT&T technical support staff through email. This was great! This first contact was followed up by several telephone discussions regarding the problem. However, first level technical support staff were unable to resolve the problem. They promised to escalate the problem to the next level. I never heard from anyone at AT&T again. However, someone did contact my wife. They offered no solution to the problem, but proceeded to tell my wife that she did not know how to use the phone properly. Shortly after this call we discovered that voicemail notifications had stopped completely there was no audible notice, no pop-up notice on the home screen, and the voicemail icon had disappeared completely. When I discovered this, I immediately emailed my original tech-support contact. To date I have received no response. Last week, out of desperation, we went back to the AT&T store where we spoke to a very cooperative and helpful salesperson. He suggested that as a temporary solution we purchase an AT&T GO-phone. He said the SIM card from my wife’s phone was perfectly compatible with the GO-phone. Since they did not stock a model which met my wife needs we ordered a suitable phone online.


The new phone (an LG Prime) arrived yesterday and just as the salesman said we were able to install the SIM card without a problem. However, when we tested the new phone we discovered that the voicemail problem had not been solved. The new phone, just like the old phone, does not notify my wife that she has voice mails. We went back to the store and worked with the store staff for an hour trying any number of solutions including deleting her voice mailbox and creating a new one. Nothing worked.


My wife is a visiting nurse and has a number of homebound patients in her care. Reliable phone service including voicemail is essential. I am posting this to the forum in the hopes that there is someone in the AT&T technical support staff that cares enough to help us resolve this problem. Our only alternative will be to break her contract with AT&T and move her to another phone company that can provide reliable service.

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Re: Voicemail Notification Problems

Hello, @wrhindy !


Are you still having voicemail notification problems? If so, go ahead and send a private message to ATTCustomerCare by clicking here. Be sure to include your name and contact information so they can get back to you as quickly as possible with a solution.


Let me know if you have any further questions!



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