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Voice mail setup won't work


Voice mail setup won't work



At&t re-set my phone and said all I had to do was turn phone off for all changes to take place.  I did turn my phone off but my voicemail won't re-activate once I turned it back on.  I started from the beginning setting it up again but if someone calls and I don't answer the phone, it gives the message "the person you're trying to reach is not accepting calls at this time, please try back later".  How do I fix this?

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Re: Voice mail setup won't work

This is something that customer care has to reset for you. Some how, it got messed up between them resetting it and it activating. 800-331-0500. It should only take them a couple of minutes to get you going..

The same thing happened to me a while ago too.

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Re: Voice mail setup won't work

Called customer service and spent an hour on the phone with customer service. Still wouldn't work. Then took it to a local AT&T store, and no luck there either, even after they installed a new sim card and wiped my phone clean. Now I've got to take it to a service center.


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Re: Voice mail setup won't work

Try checking your Actual phone, there may be something enabled to block incomming calls or forwarding. I do understand that you're able to get calls and not voicemail, but that still may be a problem in this situation.. Also - I've had the same thing happen to me in the past as well, it honestly took the representative a Minute to get that reset for me. I'm not sure what happened in your case, I'm sorry for that.
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