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VVM on Q10


VVM on Q10

I was not able to setup visual voicemail on new q10 I just got.  Ended up having to have the feature removed in order to just get any voicemail notifications.  Anyone else had this issue?

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Re: VVM on Q10

Mine ported over from the VVM that I had set up on my iPhone with no problem...all I had to do was put in my password and it was good to go. Are you setting up from scratch?

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Re: VVM on Q10

as part of my desperation to get VVM setup, wiped data, including voicemail and started from scratch - tried everything - to no avail.  Restored from backup of torch 9800 using blackberry link - but did not get previous vvm restored.

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Re: VVM on Q10

I had to call AT&T and change my plan (no cost difference) in order to get VVM to show up on my Z10. You might call customer service.

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