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Using a family members Upgrade procedure?


Using a family members Upgrade procedure?

Hi guys me and my family have a family plan with 4 phones, 3 of them are dumb and I have the only smartphone(iPhone 4s). All 3 of my family members are eligible for an upgrade but I am not. I really want to get the HTC One though and I was wondering if I could use one of my family members' upgrade to get the HTC One without adding an extra data plan as I already have a 3gb data plan. I wanna start using my iphone as an ipod rather than a phone so I don't have to keep the data plan for it. So is it possible? If so what are the steps I must take?

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Re: Using a family members Upgrade procedure?

That should be easy to do. Just let the employee know that you intend to use the phone with your line. Let them know from the start. I've done this plenty of times at best buy and still kept my unlimited data.


I suggest you do it in person as when you upgrade online or over the phone, the employees don't have an option to cancel any parked equipment from showing up on your family member's line until you receive it. 

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Re: Using a family members Upgrade procedure?

I pay the bill for a family plan of 3 devices. Since I pay the bill, I get the newest phone. You just need to follow through with the upgrade procedures on the line you pull the upgrade (if you do it directly from the phone manufacturer). Then you go to AT&T and ask for a SIM swap.  viola ... 

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Re: Using a family members Upgrade procedure?

Yes! There is actually a name for that process, it's called a Cross Upgrade. Keep in mind though, whenever you get the upgrade, this will renew the contract on the line that you're taking the upgrade from -- which is not too bad of a thing.


You can do this in the Store, Online, or Call, It doesn't matter! As long as you activate the phone on your line, no need to go into the store and get another SIMS card, because one will be in the new Phone.


Let me know how it goes. Goodluck! Smiley Happy

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