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Unlocking the Mifi Liberate


Unlocking the Mifi Liberate



I'd like to ask if anyone can clarify that the Mifi Liberate is already unlocked when we get them.  I'd like to take it to Asia on a trip soon and use a local SIM card but after a couple hours on the tech support phone number it was not clear.  I've read one web review that suggests the Mifi Liberate comes 'factory unlocked' from the factory.  I do see that via the web interface I'm able to manually configure the APN - does this mean it is unlocked? 


Thanks for anyone that may have some experience with this.

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Re: Unlocking the Mifi Liberate

Hello, ksdehoff!


Thanks for posting. The devices are all locked to AT&T's network, but if you meet certain requirements, you can submit a request for device unlock.


To learn more about the requirements or to submit a request, click on the link below. If you need your MiFi's wireless number, you should be able to view it online at


Device Unlock Request


Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!



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Re: Unlocking the Mifi Liberate

I just tried to unlock my Mifi Liberate on AT&T's Unlock request page and was given an error message that the device could not be unlocked.  I then called an AT&T representative for assistance.  I was told that AT&T does not have unlock codes for their hotspots, and should contact the manufacturer for it.  I found that statement to be completely unbelievable, especially since I found this statement on the Novatel Support website,


"AT&T should provide the unlock code to customers. We can help to provide unlock tool for 2372 or procedure for 5792.


If any AT&T agent or user calls and asks for code, ask them to use the link below to request the code from AT&T. they can contact us later (after they get the code) to help with unlock procedure."


Why is AT&T telling me that my device is unlockable? Is this even legal to keep a device locked indefinitely?  If this isn't resolved soon, I'm going to [Per Guidelines:  Keep it Relevant and Appropriate].

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Re: Unlocking the Mifi Liberate



Just received email from Novatel saying that I needed to contact AT&T for code.  I immediately called AT&T again.  This time I was lucky enough to communicate with a highly competent and helpful representative in processing my request for an unlock code.  Hopefully, in a few days I will receive an unlock code via email.

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Re: Unlocking the Mifi Liberate

Please keep us posted.  I have been trying to unlock my Liberate for months



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Re: Unlocking the Mifi Liberate

Att unlock website states that this device cannot me unlocked
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Re: Unlocking the Mifi Liberate

After Just received an email from ATT support.  They will not unlock the mifi liberate I purchased on ebay.  Below is the response to my unlock request:


  • "AT&T provides unlock codes for current or former AT&T customers if they meet the eligibility requirements. If you purchased the device from a current or former AT&T customer please contact them to submit the request to unlock the device."

I guess purchases from a third party are not going to be eligible for unlocking unless they meet the above requirement.   

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