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Unlocking process for AT&T cell phones


Unlocking process for AT&T cell phones

Hey everybody! I just wondering about process of unlocking my at&t Xperia TL smartphoneIs anybody tried to unlock his smartphone? If you did then what did you do? 

I am going to Europe soon so i want to use my phone there.  


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Re: Unlocking process for AT&T cell phones

you need two things to unlock an AT&T phone. you need a sim card from another company and an unlock code from at&t. if you call customer care or tech support and give them the imei tey wil give you the unlock code if the 2 year contract has been completed with that phone.

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Re: Unlocking process for AT&T cell phones

To request a device unlock, go to or call Customer Care. There are a few eligibility requirements that you must meet before you can unlock your device.

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Re: Unlocking process for AT&T cell phones

There are couple eligibility requirements you need to meet. Usually if your account is in good standing after 60 days they will unlock the phone.


Of course they can deny you and make you wait until your contract is up.


If you paid for the phone outright (full price of the phone), they may issue you a code immediately assuming AT&T doesn't have an exclusivity agreement on it.



The process is really simple. You call 611 (or 800-331-0500) and speak to the customer service representative. Provide the IMEI and a code is issued in like 30 seconds. This is all assume you meet the requirements.

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Re: Unlocking process for AT&T cell phones

What are all the requirements?
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Re: Unlocking process for AT&T cell phones

ricetera wrote:
What are all the requirements?

here you go

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