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Unlocked Android phone recommendation?


Unlocked Android phone recommendation?

As it appears that my Nexus S won't work in 3G, what would you recommend for an unlocked Android (preferably ICS) phone, that would work in 3G (at least) with AT&T prepaid?


Would Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ work?


The main reason I want unlocked is because I don't want the bloatware that I can't uninstall.



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Re: Unlocked Android phone recommendation?

I bought it from a private individual. I added the GoPhone Sim Card at an AT&T store. The AT&T Store is now saying yhat the $65 plan that started yesterday will work on the phone, but if I go to them now to activate that plan, I will lose the $50 that I just put on it 3 days ago. I have to wait until Nov 1st to start or lose the $50. But just because one of their agents and their website says it will, I won't be convinced until it's working, because I was told this before by AT&T employees and it didn't work.
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Re: Unlocked Android phone recommendation?

The representatives telling you that $65 plan will cure your problem just sounds like the typical sales talk in order to get more money from you. Smiley Mad Although that is a much better deal than the current $50+$25/1GB plan. However, your current $50 + $5/50MB plan SHOULD be getting 3G data to you phone. Be sure that your Gophone account shows the $5 add-on purchased/subscribed. If it doesn't that could be it. Otherwise, I'm beginning to believe that AT&T somehow has locked that phone from receiving a 3G signal when being used as a Gophone. Smiley Frustrated

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Re: Unlocked Android phone recommendation?

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Re: Unlocked Android phone recommendation?

SyberJT wrote:

Just found a thread on this forum which may be of help:


Forgot to include the usual disclaiimer, "do at your own risk" to keep certian people here happy. Smiley Wink

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Re: Unlocked Android phone recommendation?

I have an unlocked Pantech Pocket but I can't use the internet... it connects fine to the wifi but not internet... Do you know what might be the problem?
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