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Unable to change my rate plan


Unable to change my rate plan

Hello, I have recently just gotten a new LG Encore phone, and I transferred my old mobile-to-mobile SIM card. Now, I would like to change my rate plan to the 2 dollar unlimited daily plan, and I followed the usual, dial 611 and follow the prompts on the touch screen. I go to pick the option change my rate plan or whatever it's called, and it seems to work fine up until I pick the option to actually change it.


What happens is it says it's processing the change and it will take a minute. This is all good and well, but eventually it pops up the message that it's taking a while and to check back in 30 minutes. I have done just that about 10 times or so since last night, and no change has actually happened. I'd like to know if there's something more I need to do.


I don't really care for being told to add money to my account so it can be charged, only to find out I just got ripped off and can't get that money back kind of a broke college student you understand. Thanks for any info!


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Re: Unable to change my rate plan

60 views and not a one of you can bother helping?


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Re: Unable to change my rate plan

what plan do you currently have right now.
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Re: Unable to change my rate plan


Based on my experience, I went to another part of town 3 miles down the road to make it work. For me that was a signal issue.

It could be a signal issue or Mobile Care issue or firmware issue but there is nothing to narrow down to the root cause yet.

Good luck.
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Re: Unable to change my rate plan

How many dollars remain on your current plan?

If you have a monthly plan, with no balance, the change would not happen yet.



First add funds to your account to cover the draw for as many days as you want to cover, starting at the $10.00 refill amount.    Then the change should happen right away.  If it is not a connetivity issue, this should fix the plan change option. 

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