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UK Unlocked iPhone5


UK Unlocked iPhone5

Hi, I have a UK unlocked iPhone5 which I purchased from the Apple store. Unlike in the US, an iPhone is not tied to a carrier, you can just put any SIM card in and use it. Currently I use this iPhone when I am travelling to the US on a Gophone plan. I need to use a profile to install the carrier settings.


The UK iPhone5 uses a different protocol for 4G/LTE services and so I don't get that full service in the US. However I am moving to the US in January next year and I was wondering whether I would be able to add this device to a new AT&T contract, I would be wanting to use a Mobile Share Plan. 


Will this cause any problems, will I be able to use my iPhone5?



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Re: UK Unlocked iPhone5

No it shouldn't be a problem at all. Smiley Happy It should be as simple as popping in the SIM card since the carrier profiles are within the iOS coding itself Smiley Happy
~Sunshine Smiley Happy
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Re: UK Unlocked iPhone5

Hi, I don't think this is the case. When I put my gophone SIM into my iPhone5 it wouldn't let me access the carrier settings. It also didn't automatically select them. When I have my UK SIM card in, a new menu appears allowing me to alter carrier settings.


The only way I could make the gophone SIM work was by going to which installed a profile to access the ATT network. It was the agent in the ATT shop who showed me how to do this.


When I go to add buy a SIM card on the ATT site, it asks me to enter the IMEI number before I buy. Can I safely do this or will it block my phone? I would be happy with this as a check...



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Re: UK Unlocked iPhone5

OK, I just went for it and tried inputting the IMEI and it seemed to accept it ok. I didn't complete checkout and my phone with UK sim in it hasn't bricked yet... Smiley Happy



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