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Trying to find a WiFi calling app that works and keep your number


Trying to find a WiFi calling app that works and keep your number

Through T-Mobile, I didn't have to worry about downloading an app to make a WiFi call. It came as a feature on almost all their phones. I was told by AT&T sales reps that all of the smart phones came with WiFi calling. That turns out to be untrue. Even though they tried to buy out T-Mobile, they now say they never heard of the WiFi calling feature. Either that's a lie, or they have issues. Now I'm with AT&T, and I have to download an app to do WiFi calling. All apps I've tried don't work. Either I need to find a working app, or AT&T needs to make an app through them for WiFi calling, or  catch up with T-Mobile and update their phones with the WiFi feature. Please contact me, and contract AT&T to get this done.

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Re: Trying to find a working WiFi calling app and keep my number.

Unfortunately AT&T devices do not carry this feature. The feature is unique to T-Mobile because their frequency does not have good building penetration, while AT&T's does.


Are you having issues with making calls??

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Re: Trying to find a working WiFi calling app and keep my number.

If you aren't a WiFi user at home or work, you're in the minority. According to ABI Research, by the end of 2013 there were an estimated 1.4 billion smartphones in use, and all of which have WiFi connectivity. Keep in mind, this doesn't take into account all the personal computers, tablets, printers, appliances and more that flooded the marketplace this past holiday season. While 2013 ushered in massive growth in bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and new performance capabilities with 802.11ac, analysts expect 2014 to bring a wealth of continued innovation centered on untethered access. In 2014, 802.11ac will see double- or triple-digit growth numbers. All topics about PCB technology Driving this growth is the fact that 802.11ac drastically increases performance for 802.11ac-capable devices by delivering 1.3G-bps connectivity. In addition, the new standard boosts speeds for 802.11n and older devices. This eWEEK slide show, with industry information supplied by ABI Research and Aruba Networks, offers clear trends we can expect to see in 2014.

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Re: Trying to find a working WiFi calling app and keep my number.

    No this answer did not help, and yes I am having problems making calls. T-Mobile and AT&T both work off of GSM signal. If you are saying T-Mobile has a problem with their signal penetrating buildings, than from what I have been seeing, AT&T does too.

    I have to step outside, and if I'm lucky, I might get signal to make a call. I have to go to the far corner of my yard to get one steady bar of 4G. I am upset because I was told I shouldn't have any issue with signal where I live, and the WiFi calling apps are just annoying. With those apps, you have to get another number that people will have to pick and choose which one to call depending on if I'm in town, or at home, and when I call someone, it's a different number every time.

    Since AT&T tried to buy out T-Mobile in the past, I expected AT&T to know about the WiFi calling features and capabilities and have made something simular to it, but everyone I've called in the customer, and technical support say they never heard of it. As AT&T is one of T-Mobiles biggest competetors and trying to get T-Mobile customers to switch over, it would be wise of them to come up with their own WiFi calling features, or at least an app that can compete with it that is not a nuisance.

    If there is an app out there that I can keep my number for people to call, and they will see my number pop up on their caller ID, I would like to know. If there isn't one, if someone knows how to make one, that would be great. If it's they money issue for research and developement, more and more people are using WiFi for everything. Charge $1.99 for the app, and you would make your money back in no time.


    I just want to be able to recieve and make calls from my number. Please help.

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Re: Trying to find a working WiFi calling app and keep my number.

Hello gaericmeyelle,


I'm sorry to hear about your reception issues at home. Due to a nature of cellular technology, unfortunately no one can guarantee a 100% coverage. AT&T offers a product for home, it's called Microcell, basically a personal mini cell tower that works via your Internet connection. Up to 10 users can be registered and use a Microcell. You can learn more about it here.




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