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Trouble with signal after IOS7 upgrade


Trouble with signal after IOS7 upgrade

Is anyone else having this problem.  Just upgraded to IOS7 and my problem free iphone 4 is now full of problems...cannot keep signal strength, drops calls and does not ring even with four dots.  Have done all of the applicable resets to no avail.

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Re: Trouble with signal after IOS7 upgrade

I am having the same trouble with my iPhone 5 signal after I upgraded. It mostly doesn't ring (occaisionally it does) and goes straight to voicemail- same with texts- no audible sound. This happens right inside my own house whre I never had trouble with any previous phones/operating systems. I've done all the resets.

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Re: Trouble with signal after IOS7 upgrade

My children and I all have the iPhone 4, 4S, and the 5S, neither of us had any problem with upgrading to iOS 7. I would suggest restoring your iPhone and setting it up as new, then transfer your data from a backup. 

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Re: Trouble with signal after IOS7 upgrade

Try reseting your network settings. Setting>general>reset Network settings

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