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Trouble with Wireless account access


Trouble with Wireless account access

I recently converted my personal plan to a mobile share plan and added three other family members.  In order to setup the account they had to cancel my old account and create a new account with all the phones added.  Now, when I log into the site the information is not correct for all the lines, and it still shows my old account, which I can not de link.  I cant assign names to a couple of the phones, and one phone does not show up in the mobile share group.

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Re: Trouble with Wireless account access

Hi mreitas,


I'm sorry to hear you are having issues with access to your online account. You may have to reach out to our tech support to have your phone numbers unlinked from the old account and set up to activate from the new account.


You can also try and register for a new account by going from your wireless phone to and trying though there.


You will need to be off a WiFi connection and connected to Celluar data in order for the above link to work

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