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Transfer of billing responsibility


Transfer of billing responsibility

There are 3 lines in the account. The primary account holder is my ex-sted-dad, but I have no way of contacting him except over the phone. When I finally reached him yesterday I was able to have him talk to the representative over the phone and say he authorizes the transfer. The lady then told me that I had to go to an At&t store to complete the transfer, whithout my step dad. 

Today, when I go to the store I told the worker that came up to me what the representative on the phone said. He told me it wasn't possible to complete an over the phone transfer in the store without the original primary account holder there. I asked him if he could double check to make sure there wasn't a memo on the account, he said there wasn't but he didn't seem like he properly checked as he kept on looking back to where the others workers in the front where. He told me I could try to do the transfer online while I was leaving the store, though. 

After I came home I tried to go to the transfer page and it said none of the numbers were eligible due to them being in a shared date plan and how I had to contact customer suppoer or go to a store. 


Do I have to call back customer care to initiate the transfer all over again or do I just go to another store?

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Re: Transfer of billing responsibility



I'm sorry to hear of the service you've received in one our AT&T stores. I would call customer care just to verify that notes were taken on the account and to verify they have a record of the transfer. There should be no trouble if that transaction is on file, I have done this in the past myself. Then unfortunately you will have to either visit that store and ask for a manger or see a different employee.



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Re: Transfer of billing responsibility

Yeah, I ended up going to another store and asked them if it was possible and they said yes. The person who helped me the second time told me you could see the "memo" about the authorization perfectly fine on the account. I'm guessing the first store I went to never even bothered to check my account in the first place. 

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