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Thank you customer care


Thank you customer care

I'm not sure if there is a proper place to put this or email but I just wanted to say thank you.

Cell phones have become a necessary evil in everyone's day to day life. As a person that also deals with customer service I understand the frustration of trying to please a customer in every way possible. At the same time I've been on the end where I'm not getting what I feel I deserve and the company is not trying to accommodate me for it nor care.

I can not speak about other cell phone services by other providers as I've never dealt with them. But the customer service from AT&T goes over and beyond for every single time I have called.

The odds that everyone is on a great mood and just ecstatic to go to work knowing someone is going to be arguing with them about something they have no control over is next to none. But from my personal experience any and every single time I've called about any simple thing I've been treated with the upmost respect and the need to get my issue resolved. That doesn't speak just about the company but the people that work for it.

Atnt...great job with your service. But this is a thank you for the customer care. You make the company what it is. No matter how good of a product a company has, no one will stay with it with customer service doesn't meet expectations. So thank you.
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Re: Thank you customer care

Thank you!Smiley Happy


Thank you so much @Matalus  for taking the time to post about your great expirience with AT&T. If you ever need anything, we'll be here to help.



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