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Text from +402


Text from +402

I received a text message from +402.

Message: ATT Free Msg:We have an important msg. for the AT&T account holder. Are you financially responsible for this AT&T account? If yes, reply 1 to receive msg.


I sent this to spam 7726 and received message that they could not identigy the sender of that message with the supplies information.



I'm sure it's spam anybody else get this? and how do I report it?




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Re: Text from +402

I have not. I am sure it is spam though. Does the message give you an option to press 2 (or some other number) if you are NOT the person financially responsible? If they do, I would choose that. I bet they would no longer be interested in contacting you.

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Re: Text from +402

I know is spam, I just wanted to get this out as there is no way of reporting that number.  The message I posted was the whole text no #2 option.

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