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Text Messaging Question


Text Messaging Question

Wife's Iphone 4 stop sending text messages. Read on the trouble shooting board to go into setting, them messages and enable the SMS button. Tried this and she was able to text again. My question is does this mess anythng else up including something we don't want to do. Have no idea if SMS was suppose to be off or on. We do know my grandson was playing with her phone the day before. Thanks.

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Re: Text Messaging Question

Hello T-Boy,

SMS is an acronym for Short Message Service. SMS is the official and technical name of the feature you have come to know as Text Messaging. You should have no issues enabling SMS, unless you are not subscribed to a text messaging plan, then you'll be charged per message sent or received. 


Also, MMS is an acronym for Multimedia Message Service, if this feature is turned off on your phone you may not be able to send group texts and you will not be able to send or recieve picture messages.

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