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Text Messages Delayed / Phone Calls Missed


Text Messages Delayed / Phone Calls Missed

I used to have a Samsung Smart Phone, can't remember the model, but had same issue with it during that time.


Essentially what is happening is my phone will intermittently, but at least once a day, not receive text messages until I send a text out or I restart my phone, after which I will get flooded with texts that is waiting to come to my phone. These texts will have time stamps from 30 minutes to over 4 hours. Example: Tonight, sent a text at a message thru my email on my computer that person sending hates my phone, I restart my phone, after which I get 6 messages flodding my phone from 11:25pm, 12:27am, 12:28am, 12:40am...ect.


I should not have to restart my phone or send a text to receive my texts. This is not because of the phone, as I stated earlier, I had a Samsung before, and when the problem kept happening after factory reset, replacing the SIM card, and finally replacing the phone....AT&T replaced my phone with an HTC, which is now having the same issues as I did before. I also have been told by my wife that her HTC is now doing the same thing, missing texts and phone calls.


As for the phone calls, there is no notification of a missed call, person calling will have call go straight to voicemail. This makes it very difficult when my work needs to get a hold of me and cannot get through. I have to restart the phone again and I will get notifications of 7 - 12 voicemails but no indications of any missed calls.


This is getting frustrating, as this is happening with 3 different phones. My Samsung I started with, the HTC One I have, and the HTC (different model) my wife has. I have between 2 to 3 bars when this happens, and at times noted I have been also on a wireless router - in which i do get emails, FB notifications and notifications of my other email - but have the problems with texts and phone calls.


I am getting very frustrated with AT&T network at this point, as I figure this cannot be a phone issue if it is happening with 3 different phones. I write this here, just to get feedback and possible thoughts of what is happening and what can help resolve this issue. I will be opening a ticket with AT&T in the morning as it is too late to contact tech support at the moment.

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Re: Text Messages Delayed / Phone Calls Missed

Is your phone register on 2G (edge) 3G or 4G (LTE or HSPDA) when this is happening....
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Re: Text Messages Delayed / Phone Calls Missed

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Re: Text Messages Delayed / Phone Calls Missed

I upgraded from the LG NEON to a Samsung Captivate Glide, the problem started shortly after the upgrade (within 30 days).

I believe I was getting 3G with Samsung.


After working with AT&T, doing factory reset, replacing SIM card, they finally replaced the phone and I chose the HTC One.

Everything was good for a short time, but as time goes by I am having to reset my phone more and more to get messages, get phone calls. My wife has a different HTC model and hers is starting to do the same.


It seems like after the phone goes into sleep mode, it drops from the AT&T network till I wake it and send a message, but sometimes that won't work either and I have to restart the phone. I adjusted settings so that the phone takes longer to go to sleep and won't go to sleep when charging - but it still happens. Alot of times I notice this at night, when I have my phone next to me while I sleep - I will wake and restart phone and note several voicemails or get flooded with text messages.


At this point I cannot trust I will get phone calls or texts in a timely manner.

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Re: Text Messages Delayed / Phone Calls Missed

I am still searching, I have found some info, but want to make sure that it will work for you first, I need to know what Android software version you are running on the phone first though....

In the meantime give the info posted below a try and see if that will work for you.

give the info below a try and see if that resolves your issue for you.

Open dialer

Type *#*#4636#*#*

go to phone info

near bottom change wcdma preferred to wcdma only

Bear in mind that if you go to somewhere that has no 3g coverage you will have no signal at all and this change will drop off after a reboot
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Re: Text Messages Delayed / Phone Calls Missed

Sorry for the delay, I was away.


Android Version: 4.0.3


As I said, this happened on three different phones. 1 Samsung on 3G, and two HTC (different models) on 4G.


I did have one AT&T tech tell me that I should reset my phone every day becasue it will "degrade" off the AT&T network, but on previous phones never had a problem with reseting them to get phone calls and messages, even though they were not smart phones.


Any ways, thank you for taking time to look into this.

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Re: Text Messages Delayed / Phone Calls Missed

Also, tried your suggestion and dialed the test number you provided...(learn something new every day)


Phone is set to GSM / WCDMA / LTE AUTO already.


I did not see a preffered and and there was no WCDMA only section...was a LTE only though.

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Re: Text Messages Delayed / Phone Calls Missed

My apologies, did not look like it could scroll but tried again and I tried to set it to WCDMA ONLY, but the phone would not take the change in settings - as soon as I selected it, it went back to the GSM / WCDMA / LTE AUTO.

Also, I had another incident again this morning with 10 missed texts and several missed phone calls. It was not till I sent a text message out that I suddenly started getting spammed with everything that was not received.

I believe you may be on to something with the change in 4G to 3G - If I am not mistaken I was told something about 4G new to our area, and I have found the press release for 9/12/12 for detailing 4G and 4G LTE in our area:

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Re: Text Messages Delayed / Phone Calls Missed

We have had this issue intermittently for about 2 months with our HTC One X. We have contacted customer service several times and they keep saying it is a problem with the phone, master reset, exchange the phone for a new one, OS issue, etc. Well just today my Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket (SGH-I727) had the same issue. 2 people tried to call me and their calls rang once on their end and went straight to voice mail. My phone never rang or registered a missed call. I called one of them because I was waiting for them to call and that's when I found out the problem. Then during this phone call, I got 2 text messages from the exact people who tried to call me. Both text messages were timed 2-5 minutes after the last text I sent to them but I received them 20 minutes later during a phone call. This is the same issue that the HTC phone was having. So I have to disagree that it is a phone issue. I have had my Samsung since the first month it was for sale with AT&T and never have had an issue with it until today. 2 different phones, different make, different model. I have had Android 4.0.4 from Kies from back in March I think. I just got a push notification to upgrade my OS, which my phone did. I have the same 4.0.4 version but now I'm having issues. I have read several posts that iPhone customers with AT&T are having the same complaints, so I am leaning to think this is not an OS issue either. It has to be a network issue. I don't know why AT&T doesn't seem to have an answer or why no one at customer service seems to have a clue that this is an issue. I am on call frequently since I work at a hospital, so it is important that I can be reached when I am needed. What is the problem and how can it be fixed?


Update:  I live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, so it is highly populated. I always have 4-5 bars on 4G LTE signal. While at home I am always on WiFi. My WiFi setting on my phone is set to stay on when the phone is sleeping. Like I said, I have not had ANY problems with my Samsung until this morning. I called customer service, explained the issue. She agreed it sounded like a network issue, but she decided to disconnect me from the network and rest my SIM anyway. We'll see what happens. They did this with the HTC a few times as well but the problem continued. The last time we had this issue with the HTC was 12/27/12.

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Re: Text Messages Delayed / Phone Calls Missed

I too am having the same issue.  I have a Samsung Galaxy S Skyrocket and the SIM card was just replaced.  I restart the phone every day and sometimes the texts pop through without a restart.  It's really frustrating and I've missed a couple of important calls.  It did not sound like customer support had any idea of what was causing it and told me we would need to replicate it to troubleshoot.

Since it is random and I don't know that it is happening at the time, it makes it pretty hard to replicate.......

I am on 4G LTE but it also happens when I am home and using WiFi.

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Re: Text Messages Delayed / Phone Calls Missed

Same story here.  Just yesterday I send a text asking someone when they'd be over, then suddenly was flooded with 4 texts from them timestamped an hour earlier saying they couldn't make it.  We happen to be on different carriers, but that's not the issue.  Just today I received a text from my wife and replied back...she let me know that she sent it the day before.  We're on the same AT&T account.  I've also sent MMS messages to someone else on the AT&T network and they'll get it the next day.


It's unacceptable honestly.  I've put off complaining about it assuming it was a growing pain from the LTE switch, but this has just gone on too long now.  We've had this problem since Cincinnati went live on the LTE network.  I know this for a fact as I had my Samsung Skyrocket prior to having LTE and I never had this issue.  Once LTE hit this started.  My wife had the orginal Galaxy SII and never had this issue because it's not an LTE phone.  That phone was replaced under warranty with a Skyrocket.  Ever since she's received the Skyrocket she's had this same delayed texts issues.


It actually doesn't stop at texts.  I'll often be sitting and suddenly I'll have a new voicemail.  Although my phone never rang, and I have no missed call notifications. 


I was going to post this as a new thread, but it seems there are many people with this same issue and this thread is fairly recent.  So I thought I'd give it a bump and post my issues here as well.

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Re: Text Messages Delayed / Phone Calls Missed

Hello all,


I have been having this issue since last 2 months. I have done everything as per AT&T's guidelines but nothing worked. (changed SIM, changed phones, factory resets) Even after all this AT&T is not ready to admit its fault. And they are treating this issue as "User Issue"


I have posted on AT&T's facebook page and I seem to be getting responce from AT&T. I also received a call from AT&T public relations this morning. If you all can comment about your frustration on the link provided below and describe that you are having the same issue, we can get good visibility and hopefully solve the issue. If not, we can include media like Engadet, The Verge and others to get media coverage. Please comment your issue on the link below. Thanks a lot in advance.

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Re: Text Messages Delayed / Phone Calls Missed

Yesterday my Galaxy S3 (non-rooted with JellyBean) stopped receiving calls.  Until yesterday my phone seemed to be functioning properly.  After not receiving a call that I was expecting for work, I used a landline and called it.  The phone rang and rang but never did my cell phone show that a call was coming in nor did the voicemail respond.  I removed my call blocker app from my phone thinking that its most recent update created the issue but that did not make a difference.  I opened my phone took out the battery and removed the sim card.  I waited about 15 minutes and re-assembled it.  Still the issue continued.  I seem to still be receiving txt messages/MMS messages and can make out going calls but still as of me writing this cannot receive any calls.  I have contacted someone that works at the ATT store that I have worked with in the past.  She has always been extremly helpful so I am hoping she will have a fix for me.  I will let you know what she tells me.  If anyone else gets a fix, please share!  Thanks

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Re: Text Messages Delayed / Phone Calls Missed

I've just started having this problem, I'm sort of ready to blame this whole cloud messaging thing they released, because I never had this problem until I got my new phone and that whole program/system was activated. I will get the text messages, call & voice mail notices on the cloud website thing, but not for 45 minutes to an hour on my phone.

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