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Tethering (Hotspot) on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1


Tethering (Hotspot) on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

Maybe this is the curse of being an early adopter, but I'm having an issue with my new Tab 2 that I'd like to get some community mindshare about.  I am a cuistomer with two devices on my Mobile Share plan (6GB) - my phone (Galaxy S3) and this new tablet.


To enable the hotspot feature, I am to open the AT&T Communications Manager app and select the Hotspot tab.  When I attempt to enable the hotspot, the tablet attempts to validate my account and finally errors out with the following message:


"You are currently subscribed to a unknown Data plan.  This feature will be available when you are currently subscribed to a 5GB Data plan.  This could take up to 5 minutes to be reflected on your account"


Over the past two days (and several hours with AT&T support on the phone), I have been told everything from "MobileShare doesn't allow hotspot" (incorrect) to "This tablet does not have an application to enable hotspot" (also incorrect).  Interestingly, the collateral quick start guide in the package walks through the hotspot process as I outlined above.  The final phone resolution to this issue was that there was apparently something wrong with my SIM card, and I needed to go to a store to have it swapped out.


I just returned from the AT&T store where five (no exaggeration) SIM cards were attempted with no success.  The end result was that no one at AT&T seems to have an answer.  From what I can determine, it looks like the Communications Manager application is not updated to understand MobileShare plans - which is why it identifies as an "unidentified data plan".  Meanwhile, AT&T has brought this device to market without testing the advertised capabilities.


Does anyone have any ideas?  If my thoughts are correct, the fix will require the developers of the AT&T Communications Manager app to push out an update - but I'm not sure how quickly that can be accomplished.  I'd be most interested to see if anyone else who has this tablet is alble to enable the hotspot as advertised.  AT&T seems to think that it cannot be done Smiley Happy


Thanks for any suggestions that may come from this message.



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Re: Tethering (Hotspot) on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

Very happy to say that an updated version of the Communications Manager arrived on the tablet yesterday and everything is working fine now - it now recognizes the mobileshare plan - pretty quick response.

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Re: Tethering (Hotspot) on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

I am having the same issue. Which version of the AT&T Communications Manager are you using? An AT&T tech had me delete the Communications Manager and install AT&T AllAccess which is not compatible with the Galaxy Tab 2.0. Now AT&T is not able to provide me a link to restore/download the AT&T Communications Manager.
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Re: Tethering (Hotspot) on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

I have the same exact Issue.... There is no option anywhere on the tablet that allows you to turn on mobile Hotspot.....i have been struggling with this for quite some time now.... Its not right and we should be getting some kind of a discount... It's complete bull____! I if u ask me...... I was always trying to figure it out but now I know I'm not tripping....... At & t has wasted my time.... Now I know I'm not the only one......
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