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Terrible Customer Service


Terrible Customer Service

Okay. This starts about two months ago.


So I do not have at&t but the company I am now working for has added a 20% discount with at&t. So I could either go with them or just get a free phone with Verizon. Well I once had At&t awhile back so I said why not. So I proceed to go online and see the iphone 5 for $ 0.99. I thought this was an excellent deal so I went ahead and started ordering. Unfortunately, I get an error and it now it says out of stock.


So I call at&t and inquire about this situation and I'm told by a rep to wait and we should have it back in stock in about a week. Check daily = nothing. So I call back in. Different answer about how "We never know when the iphone will be in, just check back daily.". So I do that and still nothing. Couple more calls, couple more chats and they yield me different answers and I start realizing that I am getting the run around.


I call in tonight and I finally get someone who gives me a good answer. But then they state there is nothing they can do for me. Speak to a supervisor and they say the same thing. This is absolutely ridiculous! How can a company repeatedly give someone (WHO WANTS TO JOIN) the run around and not even give them any better deals. Basically all I get? "This is what we have. Take it or leave it - and we don't care to better assist you b/c we gave you the run around". 


No question that I will be telling my company, coworkers, and everyone I know of at&t's terrible customer service. 

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Re: Terrible Customer Service

Hello Vince123,


I apologize for the recent issue you had with AT&T. Unfortunately our representatives are not able to check on any manufacturers fulfilment times, and some of the more popular phones sell out quickly. I believe, and from your post it looks like, the first representative was just giving you an estimate about possible availability, but as other reps said, they simply don't have that information. You can try checking at your local corporate stores for any available stock, it can even be done online from a device info page, under "Add to Card" button.


Thank you,


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