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Taxes and Fees on Pre-Paid plans


Taxes and Fees on Pre-Paid plans

I haven't been able to find a direct answer anyhwere...I found this link ( very helpful however it does not say whether these rates apply to the pre-paid "refill" plans or just your typical monthly post-paid contract.


On the current smartphone $60 unlimited minutes, text, and 2GB of data plan for example, does your monthly bill include the:


- 15.1% Federal Fee

- X% State Fee

- $1.25 Regulatory Fee

- $0.61 AT&T Administrative Fee

- $0.31 "Other AT&T Surcharges"




If so, why do they sell $60 prepaid cards, if the bill is really closer to $70? Do you have to buy odd numbers of cards to refill?


I would expect the taxes to be the sales tax on the card purchase (ie if you buy a $60 card at your local Wal-Mart you pay the sales tax as you would on anything else).


Thank you!

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Re: Taxes and Fees on Pre-Paid plans

Someone here must know! What is your monthly bill??

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Re: Taxes and Fees on Pre-Paid plans

looked at the website for prepaid plans and walked though the setup, this is at the bottom of the page, the hyperlink is "Other Charges" so it looks like they are charged



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