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Sync Ringtones Problems iPhone


Sync Ringtones Problems iPhone

I just received a replacement for my defective iPhone 3gs with iOS 4.3.3. I called Apple Support to get everything over to the new phone. So far we successfully lost about half of my contacts, which I am reentering manually. I since discovered that about 20 of the ringtones I made and were on and worked on my old phone, won't sync to the new phone. They are in iTunes and are checked to sync, but no joy. I have tried several times.

Any help out there?

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Re: Sync Ringtones Problems iPhone

When you go into iTunes (with your phone plugged in) and click on "Tones" from the horizontal menu across the top - do you see the ringtones listed there or do you only see them when you click on "Tones" from the Library menu on the left hand side?


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Re: Sync Ringtones Problems iPhone

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