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Switching from Contract to GoPhone


Switching from Contract to GoPhone

My grandmother barely makes a dent in her minutes from her month to month contract plan. She has well over 1000 rolled over minutes to use plus the new minutes she pays for each month. She wants to switch to 10 cent per minute plan which is available to her zip code. Well when she went to get a GoPhone from Walmart the employee there told her she was going to be paying $25 a month for service. She didn't get the GoPhone because that is not what she wants for service. She wants to keep her Razr V3 so all she needed from that phone was the SIM card. How can she go about switching from her current service to the 10 cent a minute plan? Does she need to buy one month of $25 then switch the plan or what? She can't drive to the nearest AT&T store because that is over a hour away. 

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Re: Switching from Contract to GoPhone

yeah call 611 from wireless and 800-331-0500 from a landline phone. They will cancel your account and transfer you to go phone customer support, ask them to add 10c/min plan. With regards to the 1000 roll over minutes, i think it would all be lost when you transfer, but im not so sure.

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Re: Switching from Contract to GoPhone

Your grandmother's account needs to be transferred from contract/postpaid to a prepaid GoPhone account. The best way to do this is to visit an AT&T corporate store. I know it may be over an hour away, but that is the best way to transfer the account and get everything set up correctly including keeping her same phone number. In doing this, she will lose her 1,000+ acquired Rollover minutes, unfortunately.

She is also eligible to keep her Razr V3 and is able to use it on a $0.10 per minute plan. She is not confined to the $25/monthly plan.

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