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Switching SIMS and Phones


Switching SIMS and Phones

My granddaughter is on my daughters shared plan.  Her cheap phone broke.  I have a Nokia Lumina 520 that is available.  If I put the sim card from the broken phone into the Nokia will there be any issue?  She only pays $10 for this second phone, but she only uses it for texting.

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Re: Switching SIMS and Phones

The Lumia 520 is a smartphone, so she will be required to have a data plan. If you put her SIM card in the phone, AT&T will likely detect that she's using a smartphone and will automatically add the 3GB data plan to her line.

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Re: Switching SIMS and Phones

As mentioned a data plan is required but you can get a ATT basic gophone and move the sim over to that device with no problem.

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