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Switched phones - do I need to deactivate old one?

Switched phones - do I need to deactivate old one?

I recently got a Moto X on my scheduled upgrade, but discovered I don't like Android and wanted to switch back to iOS. I bought an unlocked full price iPhone 5s from the Apple Store and switched the SIM card from my Moto X to the new iPhone. It's working perfectly and I can use the iPhone as normal. I did not tell AT&T I was switching phones (if at all possible, I have no desire to give them $36 for doing absolutely nothing), but I did notice that when I log into my AT&T account it shows an iPhone 5s for my line, which is correct. 


My question is: do I need to deactivate my Moto X somehow, or is switching my SIM card to the iPhone enough? I am planning to sell my Moto X and do not want the phone to be linked to my account in any way (both for privacy reasons and so the buyer can use it fully and set it up as new). For example, I don't want the new user to stick their own SIM card in the Moto X and be told they can't use the phone because it belongs to my AT&T account. Does this happen? I am one line of a family plan if that makes a difference.



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Re: Switched phones - do I need to deactivate old one?

You don't have to pay the $36 when you buy a full price phone. You only pay the $36 when you buy a subsidized phone.
When you switch SIM cards, AT&T's network can detect the switch. Only the SIM is ties anything to your account.
Anyone on the AT&T network can use the Moto X phone.
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Re: Switched phones - do I need to deactivate old one?

Hi Cheshirecat987,


Prior to selling your Moto X, you should go into an AT&T Store and make sure that the IMEI of your iPhone 5S is reflecting on your account. In many cases MyAT&T will show the device you have, but your account for billing will reflect the old device.


I would be aware that if your Moto X was in contract with AT&T, the device would not be able to be unlocked by anyone but yourself and only when the contract ends.


Hope this helps.

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Re: Switched phones - do I need to deactivate old one?

Thanks for the info logo412 and kdfederer!


Just want to clarify about the unlock issue for the Moto X -- according to this AT&T page, I can unlock my device if I have upgraded to a new one. Since my 2-year contract will now be attached to my new iPhone, wouldn't this mean I could unlock the Moto X? Or is the contract always attached to the original phone you got when you signed it?


Also, am I free from the $36 activation fee even though I bought my full price phone from and not the AT&T store? 



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Re: Switched phones - do I need to deactivate old one?

For the unlock question, the Moto X is still under contract for the purposes of unlocking the device, whether you are using the device or not.  The iPhone is not under contract with AT&T, though you are using the service that you contracted when buying the Moto X.


The upgrade fee will not apply in this situation since you did not get a device that was subsidized by AT&T.

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